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Friday, November 11, 2011

Pallet WALLS for your home? Getting decorative with scrap/free wood

     Quite a ways back, my brother Dustin and I grabbed a ton of forklift pallets, tossed them into my utility trailer, and dumped them off a his small home in Scituate, MA. After seeing a magazine article that hinted as to the idea of pallet wood as a wall covering, Dustin tweaked the idea a little bit, and has been long at work transforming his utility basement room's walls from particle board, to a "brand new" configuration of recycled, free, curbside lumber. The result is kind of cool, funky, and certainly unique.

Its time consuming, but easy enough to do, and I've been wanting to shoot a mini video with Dustin on this for awhile- coordinating our schedules is like awaiting the return of Haley's comet though!

Anyway, he cleans, and then quickly power-sands each piece (to remove any dirt, mold, etc), and will ultimately coat them in a few layers of polyurethane.

For those with the time and desire, and looking for that "conversation piece" wall or look, its something to consider, perhaps with the pre-staining (various colors) of certain boards too. This is most certainly a budget-friendly idea for your tiny house, home, shack, or vacation camp, or, obviously, for your regular old home, as is the case here.

Dustin's pallet-work ideas are also a new addition to the expanded edition of my book- below....with an updated section on "Pallet Man" himself- Michael Janzen of

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  1. Where does one get pallets? I live in the suburbs of DC, and don't recall ever seeing such things.

  2. You can find them in almost any industrial park, or behind home depot, lowes, etc....most places are happy to get rid of them- or search craigslist.

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