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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sage's SMALLER Gypsy "Woods" Wagon- a micro, portable dwelling (on the cheap!)

Sage's "Woods Wagon"- the overall micro-structure is only 24/25 square feet (4' by 6', roughly, I'd imagine).

     Sage Radachowsky (Note: He and I are speaking (FREE) at Walden Woods on Oct 15th- more details below), who you've seen before on "Tiny Yellow House" TV (video below), recently shared this cool little portable, temporary dwelling with us on our tiny/small housing facebook chat group, and more recently has agreed to give us some more info and background on it.
    Its a pretty cool, sleek, and simple little structure, and one that could be build for a very small amount of loot, I'd imagine. In terms of setting up camp in the woods, if you ever got booted from a site, it'd simply be a matter of picking up the yokes/handles and rolling elsewhere. This structure could make for a fun and effective little art studio, reading spot, yoga room (if a little larger), guest bunker, or even a traveling vending/sleeper cart (for places like Burning Man Festival, Coachella, Life is Good Festival, etc). I'd personally like to see something like this in treehouse/treefort mode- an easy conversion.

A "Hawk's Eye View"
     I do hope he builds it, as I'd love to get him back on video to showcase something like this.

As for more info from Sage himself.....(taken from his facebook posts, and more recent emails with me).

This (The Woods Wagon) is an idea for a human-drawn wagon for cold-weather dwelling in the woods for a day to a couple weeks. Goal is 100 pounds or lighter .. propane stove/heater (vented outside of course) .. 25 square feet inside. Polycarbonate canopy, double layer for warmth. Load up with books, tea, oatmeal, millet, a small guitar, and go

I think it's a lot like some of your designs/cabin in function and concept.
My one main concern is where to find sheets of polybicarbonate? It may be pricey though .. but I think worth it for the clarity of the sky view.   Two layers, as well, for insulation.   

I don't think I'll get to build it this year .. it would be so awesome if I could .. you're welcome, and anyone else, to take any ideas from it of course!  It draws from your philosophy and work as well.

     My idea was to have a propane heater that is vented to the outside, but would radiate most of its heat inside the thing, and I think a pilot light size flame would heat the space in all but the coldest weather.    I picture a metal box with a glass window for the heater, within the small countertop ... and placing a heat radiator on top of the metal box for heating ... then removing that heat radiator  (you know, something like this) and turning up the flame when you want to cook on the top of the box, to make tea or whatever.

I also picture a tiny sink that drains to the outside, for simple washing.  Just an inch deep or so.

Perhaps I can get to it.  I would love to spend time in it, reading down at the pond near my house ...


Sage runs, is a VERY talented guitar maker and carpenter (, and will be speaking with myself, and author John Hanson Mitchell ("Living At The End Of Time")- at Walden Woods, Sat, Oct 15th- FREE. A tiny housing/small living mini-seminar that the park is organizing and offering. Should be fun!

THE VERY NEXT DAY (Oct 16th)- I've also been invited as a guest speaker for the NYC Tumbleweed Tiny House Company's Workshop- which should also be a blast. I'll be yackin' for about an hour on tiny housing, small space design, and more, in the midst of Jay Shafer's presentations.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen