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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Boom! A FREE tiny housing seminar/event at Walden Woods/Pond

For all you H.D. Thoreau addicts....

If you had asked me just a few years back if I'd ever be asked to not only speak at Walden Woods, but bring out one of my micro cabins/shelters for display, I would have thought you crazy (and would have immediately requested a sip of whatever you had been apparently drinking).

Well....its happening- THREE SPEAKERS- WALDEN WOODS- and its all FREE- so mark them calendars, if you're within driving distance.

Please pass it on.... CLICK ON FLYER TO ENLARGE IT....

Side notes: John Hanson Mitchell's book is REALLY good- I recently read it- do find a copy (sadly, its out of print). I'll also have the last batch of old-version, hand-assembled books on hand as well....and will be hanging out for quite a bit after to just chat with anyone who has questions, ideas, and so on- and to enjoy the park.

ALSO- the very next day- Sun, Oct 16th- I've been invited to be a guest speaker at Jay Shafer's Tiny Tumbleweed House Company workshop in NYC- so to any attending, I'll see you there!