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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Even the Mayor of Waterville. ME digs "The Tiny Life"- A China, Maine bunkhouse

     Here are a few more exterior shots of the Sennett Bunk/Guest House, which I shot while on vacation in China, Maine- right outside Waterville- where Dana Sennett is currently the Mayor. Its a great little cabin, with bunk beds and a closet within (a closet that could easily be made into a small bathroom). We'll eventually show you the interior once we get a few more photos from the Sennetts, as this will be an episode of "Tiny Yellow House" at some point (we actually shot it last year). This little cabin/house originally was a mere wood shed, and later converted into what you see today. The smaller "shed" also shown, is the old Sennett ice fishing shack- now parked on their narrow lot for storage. I believe the cabin is approx. 8' deep, but 12' long or so. The front window is a fake mirrored shelf for plants.

Cold beer, seating, grilling, cooling (fan), storage, and rain protection- all in one little area/deck.

     Dana is also a master recycler, bargain hunter, and clever/thrifty guy- with some very decent insight/knowledge in green energy and practice- some of which he might attempt to bring to the city of Waterville, ME- which has a gorgeous, old fashioned downtown, great restaurants, and even an independent bookstore or two! I do recommend a visit- there's lots to discover in that area.

The Sennett Camp (the main house- also very small (not shown)) will be in the photo insert collection/section of my book (the new edition- below). And again, at somepoint, we'll finish up the editing of the episode based around this tiny Maine camp and guest house. (all photos by me, Derek "Deek" Diedricksen).