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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bizarre n' Funky (and "Skunky") outhouses #3- TEN of the WORLD's most unusual models....(and related books)


     As some of you know, I'm fascinated with outhouses, especially unique ones, and own, and have read several books on the subject (some you can check out below). I also do own my own outhouse at my Vermont Camp/Cabin in the Northeast Kingdom. Its one, since our incessant porcupine attacks (no lie) that we've dubbed "The Bomb Shelter" after being forced to cover the entire structure in 2nd hand, corrugated metal. She ain't purty, but she does the job. If I had to do it over though, especially as its 500 feet or so down a trail in the absolute middle of the woods, I'd add a huge window to one side, for more natural light, and well, a view.

 Anyway, that said, YES, we have another new bizarre outhouse design that is in the NEW EDITION of "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks" (order below) under the title "Here's an outhouse you SHOULD tip over"- its a transforming, self-storing, multi-functional model, AND here are are few other cool outhouses I thought you might enjoy- afterall, they ARE the smallest of houses.

This one is computer-faked, I believe, but its still pretty damn cool (until the tide comes in!)
Um...yeah....I think I'll stick with the bottled water in Kenya....
Any outhouse that winks at me is immediately classified as "creepy"
Dude, I TOLD you to take it easy on the Mexican food!
Yeah, if I were Amy Winehouse (R.I.P.) I wouldn't have been so thrilled with my publicist for this stunt. The Amy Winehouse "Craphouse".....
Desert outhouses with faces- Burningman Festival? I have no idea how you get inside, as the opening, or any hinge set-up doesn't seem so apparent. 
An old two-decker- just don't get caught down below when the top is occupied! These were actually often used in deep snow country, and the top stall would have a seperate shoot that went behind the wall of the one-holer down below.
This one, rumor has it, is for scuba divers and boaters....
 As for books- "Nature Calls" By Dottie Booth (it HAS to be a fake name- too close to "Potty Booth")- a shortish novelty book (packed with history, a sense of humor, and a "load" of great photos) is one I'd recommend the most, as well as "The Vanishing American Outhouse"- which I still flip through now and again (and have owned it for years and years). BOTH books have been very popular and have sold through many printings, so I'm not the only one who has enjoyed these.

And again, the new, expanded edition of my book also touches on the subject with plans for a composting toilet, a tale involving my own outhouse, AND new design- that aforementioned TRANSFORMING, dual-purpose outhouse- that's all I'll say! The book is out on pre-order now for only $11.53 through

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen