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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An At-At Walker Star Wars mini-house/small vacation cabin- AND OUR NEW BOOK COVER....

Here's an old sketch I have (a rough of one of the ideas that will be in the new edition of "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks.."- already out on pre-order (and check out the NEW ART COVER down below)!

     Anyway, if you remember the At-At Walkers from "The Empire Strikes Back" I'm sure I had those in mind when I drew this simple rough draft- some dinosaur influences as well (I was obsessed with 'em as a kid- as evidenced by another design in my book "The Fortasaurus"- a fort/micro backwoods cabin.
     I picture (with the pole legs) a structure like this being erected in a marsh or lake setting (where it might not be possible to build other style homes) with a dock-like walkway leading up to its entrance stairs. A cabin/small home like this could actually be built rather affordably- as the most difficult and costly part would be setting the enormous poles (recycled telephone poles- rather easy to obtain) in the ground and in position. You might have to rent a small crane and a large auger machine/truck to do so. The rest of the vacation cabin is a mere bolt-together boxy structure, where you could add in windows wherever you please. Its certainly a do-able, and rather bizarre take on a beach house. 

As for the new's what it looks like (with perhaps a few minor tweaks) can pre-order the book down below....thanks!

 The cover shown below is just the old, temporary placeholder cover....and will change soon....
-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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