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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A gallery of Homeless shack/cabin/tiny house prototypes #1 (ultra-small living)

A visual array of some micro/tiny (and some mobile) homeless shelters and mobile-sleeper prototypes...

(Homeless "low-rider" shetlers)

Notice how short/squat these shelters are?- one of the reasons is to help to keep them out of sight (out of mind) for those passing by, or who live nearby. My own micro-prototype (below)- "The $100 Homeless Hut", that was in my NY Times Home and Garden-section feature, received a few comments saying "its too small, its not tall enough, etc", but the concept is intended for short-term housing, and not standing, aerobics, or indoor jump-roping, as some failed to understand. I see the offering of these structures as a holdover or short term solution- make them too luxurious, and their inhabitants will have less of a reason to try to rebuild their lives- OR, as I've seen so many times, you'll have fresh-out-of-college students abusing this set-up and system, and taking advantage of these free mini-houses to "slum-it" for fun- rather than by need or circumstance.

More to come...

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. The first shelter looks like a kitchen cabinet but I like it!

  2. Love the first shelter, on all shelters, shacks, etc, I wish someone handy would come up with a portable, durable, something of a screened- in- porch attachment for esp. warmer climates, or some time for others. You could have necessity's & protection inside, etc., but a place for family to hang outside with kids, w/ protection from the unwanted (snakes, critters, insects) outdoors. Could extend for sleeping area if needed.
    Also great for pets, could be made w/ or w/o roof.
    Hope this is a good idea I love to spend lot's of time on the deck or porch, even if it' chilly out!!

  3. I think Americans as a whole have become so accustomed to going in debt for big houses that they forget they are capable of living comfortably with less. My family, with three little kids, is moving into a camper for a while, and we're excited about the prospect of homesteading out of it! Come check us out at Love the website by the way! It's amazing what you can build with just a little creativity!

  4. I really admire your creativity, energy and talent!

    As far as homeless shelters go, we should never forget that many are unable to cope due to mental illness, low IQ, society's throwaway kids, many reasons. But they deserve shelter, no one should have to live the way they do. So Steps up are a great thing. The government decided to close most state homes that they desperately needed. Any little bit that they can consider "home" could be a very good feeling I have to imagine. Especially when they are so well thought out and attractive. It would be great if volunteer groups would help them build.

    Keep up the good work, I love following your blog!