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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WHAT THE HECK DO I DO WITH THESE!? (Tiny house/cabin-building discussion #8)

So for the fun of it, as I already have plans and a ton of ideas, here's another posting/edition of "What The Heck Do I Do With These!?".

This time around, while cruising around, I found two large sets of sliding-glass, set, frosted with some designs, the other, of the rain-glass variety... I also grabbed one very large/thick glass table top- its tinted just a little bit...

(Not the actual doors- but prob the same size)

I somewhat have a plan to use them for solar purposes- ie. a batch hot-water shower/heater (although clear glass would work much better), or for use as static windows for a few construction projects for clients (micro-offices, shedworking, cabins, forts, shelters, tiny guest homes), but there are MANY other things I'm sure we could do with these.

Give us your input/ideas, as it helps ALL of us out, and its fun to read 'em!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. How about a sliding patio door or since some of the glass is frosted you could have a way for it to slide in front of a clear window or opening when you want extra privacy.

  2. I have been trying to figure out a way to make my own "sun room" for winter. I'm not the engineer, you are, so I have no idea if it could be done. It would be attached to a house, and would have good sun exposure. Probably heated by a solar pop can heater. Basically, something that would be a bit of an escape into some kind of pseudo nature to read a book, enjoy the winter landscape and not be freezing cold or soggy wet. I guess it could be used as a greenhouse too but, again, I never had a greenhouse or a sun room and don't know what the logistics are. (I keep collecting all these windows and still haven't done anything with them yet!)

  3. I work for a commercial door company & when we tear out old doors to install new ones, we end up with all these aluminum framed doors that usually have 1/4" tempered glass in them. Sometimes they have double-paned "insulated units" for the glass. This stuff is usually "scrapped out" where we disassemble it, put all the glass in the dumpster & recycle the aluminum. This past winter we recycled something in the neighborhood of 3 tons of aluminum.

    Anyway, I've been working on figuring out something creative to do with the glass or even a few of the entire door panels with the glass intact. I've heard of people in the industry taking them & using them to make greenhouses or even just using them to wall in a patio.