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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A future project tiny house team-up....Art n' Forts join forces ("FArts!")- no, not really...

First, a tiny house photo of the day....then on to the art of Karl Mullen (which you can view more of at THIS PAGE)
Two funky Caravans from Flickr

The great thing about the whole art and tiny housing community is that there are so many genuinely good people involved, who are willing to help each other out- The Janzens, Griswolds, Pinos, and Zeigers of the field. Well, post my NY Times feature on my own tiny houses, I somehow inadvertently met an artist by the name of Karl Mullen- who does incredible, colorful, and bizarre/funky work- just the way I love it!

As some of you might know, from watching my "Tiny Yellow House" youtube show, touring the micro houses and cabins that I design, I love to incorporate independent art and painting into what I do.
So....myself and Karl Mullen might be teaming up on a future project that takes that idea to the extreme, and I can't really divulge many details yet, but believe me, it'll be pretty damn unique- with a little solar lighting and passive heating incorporated as well. It'll combine dinosaurs, solar power, micro-housing design, funky art, and treehousing all in one- perhaps....

Karl's from Western MA, has a great facebook page with an avalanche of his art and painting for viewing....and we'll be giving you much more on the project as it develops. Right now, I've been primarily involved with preliminary ideas and sketches, some of which I'm getting really excited about.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen