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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Go Underground!? A cheap, easy, underground camping hut

I've long been sketching ideas for this, and have finally begun the actual build. The idea behind this is/was to create a simple underground camping hut or shelter that might appeal to:

                                                        PLAN SET LINK IS BELOW

-Those just looking for a fun building project
-Peoplelooking for something that could be used as a simple camping structure for enjoying the   outdoors
-A small lockable storage unit
-Shelter- a basic one- that won't draw attention (is "easy to hide" for whatever reasons)
-Could make for a fun kids fort or play structure
-That might stand as an observation station for viewing wildlife.

Ultimately, regardless of the reason, it had to be straight forward, accessible (in its difficulty (or lack of) to build), and affordable- much like our Transforming A-frame Cabin Plans (also at the link below).

So, we came up with what we're calling "The Snapper". Why? Well, like a snapping turtle, it is compact, has a tough outer shell, and hides in the mud, out of sight. Why not BLEND into the natural landscape when building a small shelter, as opposed to sticking out like a sore thumb that doesn't belong?

While this structure is meant to be built underground (earth-berm style), the plans for it can ALSO be used to build a cool and unique tree house, or a simple camping/escape/hunting/survival shelter that resides ABOVE ground. It is versatile. TINY as heck, but versatile. Sure, you could also build a larger/taller version of it with a few alterations.

So, check the video on the progress so far.
AND.... the PLAN SETS (working on them NOW) are available for pre-order HERE (and they're only $12 for awhile too!).