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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

I can't AFFORD a tiny house! They're too expensive! (No, they really aren't)

"But tiny houses are just TOO EXPENSIVE! I never could afford one of my own!" 

Its probably THE top comment we see on tiny house message boards time and time again, aside from "But where's the bathroom?", or "I could never use a composting toilet!".

Regardless, with some of the high end tiny houses reaching prices well above $100k these days, its nice to see some simple, yet effective, conversion ideas and examples here and there.

And this is one of them.

I'll start with the immediate "con" of living in something like a RV or camper full time, and that's the fact that most RVs or campers are built and designed for OCCASSIONAL use- meaning that parts of them aren't built for constant wear and tear (many are built cheaply). RVs are often VERY POORLY insulated too (which can be a BIG deal breaker). There are some exceptions of course.
On the other hand, small spaces are EASIER to heat, so if you're fine with that climatic aspect, moisture will be your other concern (and I talk about that in video too).

Adequate ventilation (passive or active) is a MUST in any tiny house. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS.

But that aside, here's a video tour of a great little Twentynine Palms, CA rental that I found particularly attractive, fun, and effective. If you click on the link DIRECTLY to the video, you can also join in on the pros/cons conversation in the comments. PLEASE DO!

The reason I've decided to share this one- RVS and campers can be purchased for close to nothing in some cases. With just a little elbow grease and NOT a fortune in materials, a camper could be converted into something more suitable for full time living for a mere $1000 or $2000.

It has been done- MANY times.

If you'd like to rent this place, here is a link for more....

Also coming up, we have our HANDS-ON, Joshua Tree/Twentynine Palms, CA tiny house building workshop. Guest speakers, build a cabin with us, and even campout if you'd like! This takes place May 1-3, 2020. If you'd like to attend....