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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

THE WORST! This TINY HOUSE will probably kill you.

Talked to/warned the owners, and more- don't worry- but here's THE VERY WORST TINY HOUSE I've EVER seen- and yes, we spent the night in it. Suffice to say, we didn't sleep all that well.

Check out this video and if you head over to the true link/video on youtube, be sure to enter a comment or two on anything we might have missed. There are SO MANY things done incorrectly here- its just scary!

I have NEVER seen such a poorly built structure. This tiny house video stands as a great lesson in terms of "WHAT NOT TO DO" when building your cabin or small home.

ABSOLUTELY FRIGHTENING. But this tour might be a solid learning tool for some of you.


PS- if you want to learn to do things the right way- we already have a pre-sign up for next year's "Tiny House Summer Camp 8" in Vermont- with live building, camping, live demos, guest speakers, and more!

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