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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Couple lives in only 50 Square Feet FULL TIME! A tiny house story.

Having attended several tiny house festivals for inspiration, and one of our early hands-on tiny house building workshops (VT's "Tiny House Summer Camp") Emily and Dan Moore set upon designing, building, and eventually making the transition towards living tiny. REALLY tiny. Check out this youtube tour of their cabin on wheels (very vardo/gypsy wagon-like) when they visited my home in the Boston, MA area.

This tiny dwelling, while sparse and incredibly small (especially for a couple) DOES have solutions to their everyday needs, be it showering, going to the bathroom, or cooking. Like many other tiny home owners, the plan on living a transient life (working from the road) and following (or escaping) the weather when need be.

AND remember, early sign-ups for 2020's "Tiny House Summer Camp 8" in Vermont are up and running. You can click on the large banner on the top of this website on every page to bring you to a page with more details.