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Saturday, July 7, 2018

When a Tiny House Shower gets TOO TINY..... Small Living/Houseboat "Horrors"

Check this one out. I'm HALF-jesting about the whole thing, as at least this houseboat had a shower, but the question remains, COULD YOU MAKE DO WITH THIS? (and check out the info on "Tiny House Summer Camp 6" below too!)

By the way, this houseboat we rented (we'll have the full tiny house tour soon) was AMAZING, and we'd rent it again in a heartbeat! ZERO doubt. It was right on Lake Union in Seattle, situated among other houseboats as well (another one that will be featured in my upcoming book "Micro Living").

That book is also up for pre-order now on Amazon- check the link below.....

As for the shower, check the video....

And if you hit the main/actual channel, consider subscribing, so as to keep this channel running. Thanks! Here's that link:


OH YEAH- TINY HOUSE SUMMER CAMP 6!!! In Vermont- fully hands-on, with camping, guest speakers, live demos, and MORE! Check it HERE:


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