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Friday, July 13, 2018

$9500- Tiny House/Cabin Camp WITH Land in NM for sale!

So I really haven't talked about this so much lately, as, well, I've been beyond busy, but I've decided to sell my plot of land near Deming NM -which I've owned for almost 20 years. The plot also has this  unique little camp shelter parked on it now....which is included with the land.

                      Above: The top of the front window/glass array flips open for ventilation.

Its no mega-ranch in acreage, at a half acre, but there are NO neighbors within sight so you might as well call it 1000 acres. It also has road access and you can drive right up to the plot (even without 4WD), and the views are pretty stunning- especially the stars at night. And if you're into mountain biking, there is endless land and dirt roads galore for you to explore.

The cabin looks directly at the "Florida Mountains" range- which has a prominence of almost 4000 feet. Downtown is also only about 25 minutes away (hotels, Walmart, tons of restaurants, a lumber yard, and more). Las Cruces and Silver City- two NM tourist destinations are EXACTLY one hour away. There are also plenty of very cool state parks nearby too (Rock Hound State Park being RIGHT in Deming, for one), and the "City of Rocks" state park (see the photo below of me bouldering there).

         Photo: (during construction)- showing the front-window's direct view of the mountains- uninterrupted. 

We recently built a prototype glamping cabin that is parked/stored on the land too (see the slew of photos) and that is yours as well should you pick up this lot. Its simple, but funky/fun and well built and has a drop-down bed within (bunks could be added easily instead).

In fact, there are two BRAND NEW sleeping bags already hung inside awaiting the next owner.

                            Actual panoramic photo of the cabin in its desert-prairie setting

The materials in the cabin were many thousands alone, never mind the labor, so all things said, for a little getaway plot (we've camped there- its pretty awesome/peaceful) its reasonable and ready to go.

Above: The original concept sketch. Designed by Deek Diedricksen, drawn by David Stiles. 

The cabin is on skids/runners too, so moving it could be an option should you want to change its orientation, or move it somewhere else completely. It would be easy to open up the back wall (via a doorway) to add on another room or legitimate bathroom to this camp. As of now we just used a composting camp toilet we'd bring with us.

                       Me, climbing at the "City Of Rocks" state park- (about 45 minutes away)

I designed this cabin, and it was built by none other than Sam and Lynsi Underwood of "The Small Dwelling Company" from Texas. DO CHECK THEM OUT- They're awesome! Here's the link: 

Their work is great, and we've showcased them on my youtube channel in the past (see below).
At night- the moon in the background...

If you might be interested, and have any questions- or PM me through my "Derek Diedricksen" facebook account. Just give me a little time to get back to you.

Taxes are VERY reasonable/almost nothing ($16 a year)- and they are all paid and current. 
Buyer is in charge of the closing costs/document prep fees (I'm not even sure what they are for NM, but they're a couple hundred at most, from what I've read). 

Title/plot is owned full and clear....

Here's the video of a past build from "THE SMALL DWELLING COMPANY" too...


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  3. Need more photos of build-s both please! Thanks!

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    It would be easy to open up the back wall (via a doorway) to add on another room or legitimate bathroom to this camp.

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    And if you're into mountain biking, there is endless land and dirt roads galore for you to explore.

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