joshua tree workshop 2018

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Women Of The Tiny House World- In Search Of...

Katie Jackson- Also of "Katie Jackson Woodworks"- one of our speakers...

     So, we've been asked BACK to do another fundraising Tiny House Building/Building 101/Salvage workshop at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA (the place is awesome- and space is limited!), and this time they're letting us do a build in the MAIN GALLERY, which will be built by our workshop class as a group AND be on display publicly for quite some time!

AND.... The Friday evening of our three day workshop, we're hosting a museum-auditorium event (music, cocktails, speakers, demos, and more!) and I've decided that I want to make Friday night ONLY about women in the scene!

So, we do have a few lined up already, but we'd like to pack the bill with more- make it almost an avalanche of cool and eclectic speakers- tiny house builders, dwellers, bloggers, and more!

We'd LOVE to get some local minority representation too!

SO, if you might be interested.... check out this video for details, AND after doing doing so- newenglandrockpress at gmail (attn: Brian)- drop us a line.