joshua tree workshop 2018

Friday, March 30, 2018

Hands-On Tiny House Build Workshops hit- WA, NC, NE, and MA!

Yep- we have quite the roster of Diedricksen Brothers HANDS-ON Tiny House Building Workshops on the way! One of them is even in the MAIN gallery of an art museum outside of Boston, MA!

Hit the banner on the homepage above if you want more information! These workshops do sell out quickly!!!

AND- if interested in the Tiny House Bundle- THIS IS THE LAST DAY!!!! $49 for over $725 worth of tiny house plans and books! 

Tiny house framing, sheathing, building on a trailer, insulation, systems, and MUCH more- AND you'll tour a tiny house (or two) at these classes! These are geared for ANY skill level- including none- its one of the reasons we employ multiple hosts!

THESE ARE NOT slide show presentation in a conference room- you will be building and designing alongside us! if you have questions....

-Derek "Derek" Diedricksen