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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Diedricksen Brothers in CONNECTICUT for Hands-ON Tree House Workshop

Hands-On Tree House Workshop- Clinton, CT- Sat, Sept 10th (2016)

     So, while I'm not blogging as much these days (and more so focusing on youtube tours/video and facebook updates) I've still kept very busy with client builds and more. Heck, just on the upcoming menu, here's what we have planned.....

-I just signed a book contract for the follow-up to "Microshelters" (Storey Press)
-We're hosting a Vermont workshop- (SOLD OUT)- "Tiny House Summer Camp 4"
-We're soon announcing a North Carolina Workshop (outside Wilmington)- Dec. 2-3-4 with Steven Harrell!
-We're wrapping up shooting on a pilot episode for our show "The Micromen"
and that's just scratching the surface....

Check out this book HERE:

Beyond that, for an intimate ONE DAY, HANDS-ON workshop, Dustin and I will be leading ONLY twelve students though the world of tree house building and design.

We've built NUMEROUS tree houses over the years, and one recently for the show we hosted and designed for (HGTV's "Tiny House Builders") so we're very much so in good, heck, great, practice. In fact, currently, I'm building FOUR tree houses that I've designed.

A recent off-grid tree house build in VT- a 20' Robot designed by Deek Diedricksen

The workshop is from 10am to 7pm
Clinton, CT- after the build/class, we'll be ordering MANY pizzas from one of the best pizzeria's nationwide- "Grand Apizza"! LOVE that place.

At the workshop, we'll be continuing work on a tree house I've designed and have been building for the Make-A-Wish foundation. You'll get to see this tree house first hand, learn from it, as we take you through many of its how-to steps, AND you'll get to help us complete several facets of it.

You'll learn by DOING
-We'll build/frame a sleep loft in the tree house
-We'll cover/DO basic framing
-You'll be taught several techniques in attaching platforms/structures to trees
-We'll cover WHICH trees you should be looking for
-You'll learn to install cedar shingling with us
-We'll show re-strengthening techniques like "knee bracing" a structure- and DO this to the build.
-We'll work on interior cladding/sheathing the structure
-You'll build a ladder/stairs with us, and more!

We also some great design and build books as door prizes!

The Make-A-Wish 19' high tree house we'll be working on- Modern/Funky! 

The full day, intimate, workshop is $120. 
If you want to sign up, simply send the $20 deposit to hold your slot (balance due upon arrival) to paypal id: This $20 is non-refundable and a means for us to determine who is serious and who will actually use a held student slot, and who won't. If we cancel the workshop for any reason (we shouldn't- its rain or shine), that fee would be refunded.
For more questions- email us at

The Hosts:
Derek and Dustin Diedricksen have traveled the world ("From Fargo to Sydney") building and designing tree houses, tiny houses, and backyard studios. The duo recently were hosts of the HGTV series "Tiny House Builders", and have built for numerous other shows, magazines, newspapers, and beyond. They've additionally spoken on their expertise in the field at Universities ranging from M.I.T. to Vanderbilt, and at art museum across the US. Derek is the author of three books on the subject of micro-construction- "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks", Quick Camps and Leg Cramps", and most recently "Microshelters", which Lowe's carries nationwide. He also hosts the youtube channel "RelaxshacksDOTcom", with almost 110,000 subscribers.

Guest Speakers:
We will also bring in at least one guest speaker/builder at this session that you will work alongside.

Thank you!
-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen