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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A New TINY HOUSE and TREE HOUSE show w/The Diedricksen Brothers.....


Press Release: (courtesy of Aaron Perkins/Perkins Press)

The Diedricksen Brothers (Deek and Dustin of Boston, MA), hot on the trail of having hosted and designed for both HGTV and The DIY Network ("Tiny House Builders" and "Extreme Small Spaces") have announced that they've decided to "Go full-out indie" with their next endeavor- "The Micromen", which begins shooting this month. You can check out the rough teaser trailer below.

The duo, who travel the country teaching hands-on building and design workshops, and have released several books on the subject of building small dwellings and spaces (most recently, the best seller "Microshelter" (Storey Press)), has this to say in regards to this grass roots move:

"We've always done best- from books to video work- when we're fully in control, calling all the shots, and well, doing things how, when, and where, we please. Working for the networks was fun, and it opened a few doors, but it was often pretty faceless, and frustrating- not to mention back breaking. I've worked for a lot of other people, given up my ideas to them by contract, and played their game, and at this point I just don't want to do that anymore. If some smaller network comes our way, sure, we might consider, but for now we're going back to what we've always been doing, far before the TV shows, and expanding on it", said Deek, in a recent youtube interview.

"Its not really a tiny house show, or just a tiny house show," added Dustin, the younger of the two. "There are 9000 of those shows now, most of which are jumping the shark and getting gimmicky as all heck in order to try to hold viewer interest, and we just wanted to take things smaller, go simpler, and to make sure we're having fun all the while. We've already shot several side-sequences in a trek down south where we visit some incredible tiny houses, and even an amazing tree house bnb rental in Flintstone, GA, but we're taking inspiration from those spaces you'll see, and going smaller. Backyard studios, tree houses, hobby shacks, funky getaway cabins- that's where our heart is at. The shoots are all two or three days in length, with a smaller team, and a camera crew that just got off working for both Steve Carrell and Adam Sandler on a few films. We're in very good hands- our own."

Deek went on to add that longtime crew member Jim Shippey (aka just plain old "Shippey") would be returning to this project (off his run with the brothers in HGTV's "Tiny House Builders"), and that "new guy" Palo Coleman (a stalwart in Deek's traveling workshops) is additionally on board.

Deek and Dustin at a recent shoot/build in Sydney, Australia

"Palo is just out-there, resourceful, an easy going guy, and very creative- when he's not blabbing about 70s punk bands or his long-winded tales of living in Germany", added Deek. "Adding him was a no-brainer. We have one other cast member in the works too, but probably for episode two- Matt Fox, who was the longtime (ten years) host of HGTV's "Room By Room". We met Matt at a gig we did with the Property Brothers in Cleveland, and just hit it off with him. He'll bring a cool, and different, dynamic to this show, when and if we get him into the mix. He's another diamond in the rough that is being grossly overlooked by the tv and DIY field, and adding him to the crew will make perfect sense. Its just foolish that no one else is snatching this guy up right now."

As of now, the trailer lists the release date of the show's debut as "Fall 2016".

"Hey, its our show, and our time line, so we'll see what happens", said Deek. "I'd like it out before then, but Dustin and I travel so much, and have so many Relaxshacks workshops planned, that I just don't know. The show WILL kick-ass though."

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Meanwhile, the Diedricksen Brother's next slated hands-on building and design workshop is September 16-18th in Orleans, VT, and billed as "Tiny House Summer Camp 4" via