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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tiny house for the chemically-sensitive- and those who love cats!

Every once in awhile we have friends of ours guest host episodes for our channel found at here's one of those very episodes.
This one's a Tiny house for the chemically-sensitive- and those who love cats... with guest host Andrew Odom (from )

This tiny house ("The #TinyLab") is currently on the road as part of a US tour to show off the possibilities of living tiny, and living small with considerations of air quality, V.O.C.'s, and general health in a small, small, small, space.

You can find more from the #tinylab duo (well, trio, as they live tiny WITH a baby now) at 


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  2. Would love to find out if doing a tiny house exhibition in california over the summer or maybe Oregon. .please let me know...thanks love seeing the different designs

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