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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Deek's Tiny House Design, "The Cub", featured in a Canadian Real Estate Commercial!

What a cool surprise!

This Canadian real estate ad (which is fun/well shot!) features a cabin I designed called "The Cub"- This family built it off my video/prototype for inspiration (we also have a video of it on my youtube channel- see below) and now camps with their family in it. The original one I built was purchased and is somewhere in PA now.... I DO have plan sets for it, but haven't officially released them yet..... email me at newenglandrockpress at if you want a set. They're $30 each.... a framing plan set- which comes with me at your QnA disposal along the way (just like the "Transforming A-frame Cabin" plans) which you'll find a link to in the left column of this blog.

Here's a video that Dave Koszegi and family shot for channel about a year ago.....

Here's an early in-the-works video of my original version from years back too- we have yet to publish the FINAL tour of the original build, as I was waiting for the plans to officially be done and released before I did....

My dream/plan was/is to release these plans- hope enough people build them over time and to have a yearly fun gathering of these cabins, and dub it the "5' by 8'- Fest"- as that's how small this cabin is! The toilet space- seasonal- resides on the tongue of the trailer, and a lofted bunk (shown below), and daybed space below (which double as storage) really help with keeping so small a space open, and useable.

AND hey, don't forget!!!
newenglandrockpress at if interested.....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen