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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tiny House Bathrooms: How The Heck Does A Nature's Head Composting Toilet Work??

Here's a snippet from one of the tiny houses you can tour at our upcoming Chattanooga, TN Workshop- May 13-15th, 2016..... HANDS-ON building, guest speakers, tour tiny houses, and more! Hosted by The Diedricksen Brothers (HGTV's "Tiny House Builders"), and Mike Bedsole from "Tiny House Chattanooga". Click on the banner up above if interested..... (and more from Mike at

Anyway, while Dustin and I were recently doing a live build at a Pittsburgh, PA area home show, we had a chance to re-hang with Mike Bedsole to shoot a video showing his very well-planned tiny house bathroom- one with a Japanese-style soaking tub, and a Nature's Head composting toilet. The video also explains how these toilets work in simple terms.

The Composting Toilet segment is about half way through this short video..... for those with a very short attention span ;)

And the workshop....


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