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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Micro Modern Tiny Shelter For The Homeless?

....or a really cool modern Tree House pod?

Here's one of TWO things we built at our last hands-on Tiny House Building Workshop- the other build was MUCH larger and we'll showcase that soon. We also heard from close to a dozen guest speakers, dwellers, designers, bloggers, and builders- AND toured a really cool NEW tiny house model from "The Jamaica Cottage Shop"- one designed by Domenic Mangano- that tour is also below....

Anyway, even in this tiny little build, we were able to showcase, teach, and demonstrate.... (AND it was one of two things we could build to FULL COMPLETION, as opposed to working on the floor and one single wall of a larger tiny house in 2-3 days). We want people to leave with photos, inspiration, and know-how! AND we want to give them the ability to problem-solve and think outside the box....

-Angle cuts and simple joinery
-Plunge cuts
-Fitting/installing windows
-Working with a various materials- tongue and groove cedar, ply, different lumber denominations
-Waterproofing techniques
-Maximizing efficiency is lumber use and lengths
-Building and designing on a budget
-Tuftex and polycarbonate roofing and wall techniques
-Various fasteners
-On-center framing- both tradition and untraditional
-Triple-planning in design (this build had to be moved and had many spatial challenges)
-and more....

All in ONE of two builds we tackled to benefit "The Fuller Craft Museum" in Brockton, MA

OUR NEXT WORKSHOP? (click on the banner at the top of this blog for sign-up info (click, THEN scroll down).....

AND check out this NEW model "The Charlavail" from "The Jamaica Cottage Shop"! 

And check out my book here! 


  1. Hey Deek, do you know Steve Baer of Albuquerque? He was a pioneer in solar heating from the early 1970s. Anyway, he had this idea of the bead wall, which is a wide spaced double pane window wall within which can be blown styrofoam bead pellets, which serves as an adjustable form of insulation and window transparency modulator. He used a small blower and storage tank of foam beads, that could be blown in or out of the window as needed.

    How about using this idea with your Tufftex sheathing? A double layer of Tufftex could form a transparent, double wall, wintin which you could have foam pellets.

    Great work on your blog and workshops, keep on keepin' on!

    ~Joe from Abq

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