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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

NEW Diedricksen Brothers HANDS-ON Tiny House Workshop Announced! CHATTANOOGA, TN!

Hey all- This workshop has been POSTPONED for a few reasons! So sorry! We have to do a video/tv shoot run this weekend instead, so we have to move the date. We'll keep you informed. We recently just got A LOT of sign-ups too, which stinks and we're sorry for the inconvenience!

However, we did JUST announce "Tiny House Summer Camp 4"- Sept 16-17-18 (and maybe an add-on date of the 19th for those interested) in Orleans, VT at the Diedricksen Camp. See, and stay in TEN tiny houses, shelters, and tree houses on ten off-grid acres, BUILD (A LOT!), guest speakers, camping on site, bonfire discussions, a ghost night hike, swim in streams, attend a campfire pizza party, art installations, salvage construction, and we might even have a totem pole carver, and several other odd additions this year. Really, its the coolest dang summer camp you can go to- you'll feel like a kid again. We have people who have attended all three years so far.....they keep coming back....

Oh yeah- live music too! In the woods, on a mini transforming cabin stage- lit only by candles....

We'll have more posted soon. This workshop sells out FAST every year as we only take on 40 students to keep it intimate enough. 

Its fully HANDS-ON with the building and design and we might even tackle an earth-berm/underground shelter this time too! 

We'll post more info soon, but its the same price its been since 2010 when we started this- $399 for 3 days- which amounts to over 30 contact hours of building. Its pretty intensive, but LOTS of fun! 

If you want to make sure you're in, you can sign up before we even get the links up- email us-