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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

FREE Tiny House Event in CT- Thursday, Feb 4th! (with a film, live art, live music....)

Yes, its a FREE event..... (and we ARE looking for one more sponsor (

So, to not only help out a great new independent gallery in the super-cool art town of Putnam, CT, AND to toss back some love/thanks for a very supportive tiny house scene, I've put together a FREE event at The Artisan Soul Gallery in Putnam, CT (run by Laura Taylor).....   FREE!!!!

(PS, we ALSO have a HANDS-ON TINY HOUSE BUILDING WORKSHOP (the Diedricksen Brothers with Mike Bedsole) that will be taking place May 13-15th) in Chattanooga, TN. We'll have sign up links and details soon, or email us at to sign up for a spot. Limited space.... 3 days- 30 hours of tiny house-related building, speakers, demos, and more.... SEE/tour tiny houses as well!

Thursday, February 4th- 6pm to 9:30

We'll have live music from Salvage-guru King Courteen (all the way from Milwaukee!)

A screening of the film "Re-Use: Because You Can't Recycle The Planet", WITH director Alex Eaves there..... 

LIVE art from:

Derek Diedricksen
Jonathan Fritz
and Benjamin Davis
(and perhaps more)

I'll be doing a book signing for my new book "Microshelters"

We have Jess and Dan Sullivan- tiny house builders/dwellers from RI

And Palo Coleman doing a Bamboo-building talk/demo

And who knows what else!

Come armed with your tiny house questions for Dan and Jess and check out this tour I shot of their tiny house in Rhode Island.....

MEGA THANKS to: the makers of Tuftex Polycarbonate Panels that I use in almost ALL my builds!


Sandra and Leo Fay from The Stoughton House Of Brews in Stoughton, MA
for backing and supporting this event!!!

Hope to see you there!!!!