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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Deek's "Tiny House Heads" recycled-material ART series.....

Something I've been working on..... (and for those interested in purchasing my art, or custom work (which I do ALL the time), I just list it by word of mouth on my facebook page ("Derek Diedricksen"- pretty lo-fi, I know!)

Tiny House Heads #2 ($95)- proceeds go towards keeping a public-display art space running in my town (which was formerly unrented/abandoned and is now loaded with window-front art and lit on timers)

ANYWAY, this is a new piece in my "Tiny House Heads" series- all on recycled/salvaged wood. This one is #2 (about 14" tall). The first one sold really quickly (thank you!- whoever you are) over at the Artisan Soul Gallery in Putnam, CT, where I have about 30 art pieces on display.... I'm planning on making a whole series of these- all different, in different colors, and maybe getting together some showing way down the road with other artists in the tiny house field..... perhaps with a tiny shelter (as art) or tiny house on display. 

We're STARTING to mix a lot of art into our TINY HOUSE BUILDING (hands-on) Workshops too- Our next is at the Fuller Craft Museum- a 3 day event. Flyer is below and up until Feb 1st, 2016, there will be a sign up banner link at the top of this blog. 

And Speaking of "The Artisan Soul Gallery" in Putnam, CT on 171 Providence St. (place is awesome)- here's a shot of Laura Taylor (the owner) in front of a wall of my art. 

Go check the place out and help a budding, mom n' pop, business. There's a kids craft center in their too and its only $5(!!!!) for a 90 minute session (all materials are included!). 

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


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