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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Deek's new Tiny House/Small Structure/Tree House book "Microshelters" NOW OUT!

Hey all! Sorry for the absence, but not only have I been completing a few client gigs (one, a tree house just yesterday here in MA), but I was on a 2 week book tour on the west coast in promotion of my latest offering, "Microshelters".


Thanks to those who have checked it out!

A little about it....

This book is LOADED with photos and is full-color- its also pretty eclectic in that while it showcases many tiny houses and their floors plans, it also features tree houses, backyard art studios, and even whimsical tiny structures and forts. There's a reason I gave it the title it has.

There are 2 zillion "strictly-tiny-house" books out there, so I wanted to make this one varied and eclectic, seeing as I feel that a good many tiny house ideas can be gleaned from that which isn't solely a boiler-plate definition of a tiny house. Don't worry though, there's lots in small spaces, tiny houses, and ways to approach designing them.

This book is a over double the volume of "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks", and took almost three years to assemble as I did things the slow, hard way. A good many of the photos in the book were taken by me in my travels, I built a large chunk of the structures you'll see, did a decent amount of the sketches in the book, and, well, of course, wrote the whole thing.

Anyway, I hope you dig it/give a chance. Its part coffee table book, part salvage idea-book, part tiny house book, part whimsical structures book, and with a whole lot more mixed in! It think its only like $13 on Amazon too, so if you find ONE idea in the book that saves you $13, never mind saving you $1000 potentially, its money well spent.

Its also features framing plan sets for 6 select structures

Also, for those who haven't checked in lately, our NEXT fully hands-on workshop is this one! We still have some room left, but not a heck of a lot....   AND we'll announce some added guest speakers and builders soon!!!


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