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Monday, April 6, 2015

The New Women of the Tiny House Scene..... Part of a Hands-On Workshop in CT!

     "When I set up a workshop, I want it to be overkill- building, and I mean LOTS of it, design, art, repurposing, creativity and free form thinking, and a chance for likeminded tiny house and diy addicts from around the US to get together, learn, create, inspire one another and have a TON of fun.
                                                           -Derek "Deek" Diedricksen (ABC TV- "Chronicle HD")
    Being busy as all heck (we JUST got back from a build/hosting a workshop in Sydney, Australia), one thing I've been meaning to do is to post on some of the rather unannounced guest speakers, builders, dreamers, teachers, and designers that I'll be having at my upcoming hands-on Tiny House Building and Design Workshop on May 1-3rd at The Empty Spaces Project (a great, community-revitalization art gallery) in Putnam, CT. While this workshop is almost sold out before I've really even announced a single guest speaker, I still want to take the time to introduce some of our guests, friends, and collaborators. Be sure to check out the great flyer we have (thanks to Kevin Fitzpatrick of down below as well! Also, a special thanks to Ann Monteiro and Paul Toussaint for their tireless work in helping to make this workshop a reality!

(Below: Day 2 (or 3) from our recent hands-on tiny house building workshop in Sydney, Australia!

I also might add, that this workshop is just LOADED with female builders, speakers, and demo providers. Its just GREAT! Especially as the slight majority of the scene seems to be composed of women.

So for this workshop alone, here are some of our female speakers. The guys? We'll get to 'em in another post....

Luise Susanne Gleason- Luise is one from the duo behind Connecticut's "Runaway Shanty" project. She'll be bringing out their tiny house on wheels so that attendees to the workshop will be able to tour it and ask her and her partner questions.

Miranda Aisling- Author of "Don't Make Art, Just Make Something", she's a tiny house addict, runs the Boston area community art center "Miranda's Hearth", and is working on setting up a community art hotel, in a tiny house, where everything from the food to the furniture will be made by local artists. Miranda also works for the very well-reputed Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

Kari Cooper- aka "Yurt Girl". Kari will be trekking from New Jersey to bring, and setting up a traditional Mongolian Ger that all can tour. Kari is super-creative, and has helped us in several past workshops. 

Amy Henion- Amy is an aspiring tiny house dweller who is hip-deep in the downsizing process, and will speak on her methods, and her trials and tribulations, while trying to declutter her life and work towards the goal of building a tiny house. She has also been a past TEDxSomerville lecturer, where she gave a talk on the attractions and merits of living tiny.

Goldi- Coming all the way from San Francisco to function as one of our guest builders, Goldi is one of a few cases now where a student showed so much drive, potential, and was so hard working, that we later brought them on as part of the crew. This is Goldi's THIRD workshop with us now, as she's built with us in both Vermont and North Carolina in the past.

Vera Struck- Another GREAT past workshop attendee at one of our earliest workshops, Vera has been hard at work over the last few years working on her "Silver Bullet" tiny house- a traveling, eco-friendly, educational dwelling on wheels. Vera is just dynamite!

AND there's more to come! Like I said, its almost sold out (we have a mere 4-5 slots left), so if interested, don't hesitate!


ALSO, upcoming- a VERY small/intimate- two FULL day, fully hands-on tiny house building workshop in Fargo, ND!!!! If interested, send an email to newenglandrockpress at

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen