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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tiny Backyard Office Cabin Built Under $1000!

If you haven't checked out this video, here's a backyard reading cabin that we built in just two days (fully hands-on) as part of one of our " Tiny House/Shelter Building Workshops". We do have another one coming up in May- Putnam, CT- so stay tuned! These SELL OUT FAST!!!

Video is below....

And the workshop- sign-ups will be active SOON....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. I have a tiny house project that could be made into a workshop, located in the west coast (Southern California, moutains). Let me know if you consider these type of projects. Thanks!!!

    1. Yes, might be down- contact me via Facebook for details, etc- "Derek Diedricksen"= thank you :)

  2. I had a similar question as Lisa above, only in Central Texas this fall/winter.

    1. Same as above....Yes, we would- email me through my "Derek Diedricksen" Facebook page- easiest- thanks!

  3. Love the videos, love the info and can't wait to build my own tiny convertible A-frame! Thanks for all the inspiration guys.

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