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Monday, January 26, 2015

A New Tiny House Painting- Cabin In The Woods (For Sale)

Here's a little 12" by 12" painting I just finished up. This was an illustration/pitch piece I was going to use for a meeting with a board for an upcoming Rhode Island Home and Garden Show- and instead of sketching a mere cabin on paper, I figured I'd try my hand at painting one.

Anyway, its for sale now, and the funds will go towards buying supplies for a community/public (free for ALL to enjoy!) geocaching installation I'm heading up that will be anchored in Stoughton, MA. This project will be a bridging between geocaching and art.

Asking- $150. If interested PM me through my Facebook page- probably easiest- "Derek Diedricksen"....

And if you hadn't heard!!! Can't wait for THIS!!! Space will be limited and we WILL build a tiny cabin together!!!