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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Low-dough furniture piece- indoors or outdoors (dumpster dived n' salvaged)


As many of you know, this blog is not only for tiny houses, shelter, tree house, and cabin photos and ideas (and showcasing the things I design and build), but also for sharing ideas in the world of salvaged-construction, and repurposing- which yes, can certainly be tied to the thrifty mindset of the tiny house and downsized-living world. So…. just wanted to share the simplest of projects, a wooden cable spool table.

In my factory art studio outside Boston, MA- the table is so strong that I can stand on top of it, and jump up and down without any problem...

Its simple….
Dismantle a big ole spool once you're procured one….
Pull or flatten any nails or staples that might get in the way
Slap a few coats of Helmsman spar varnish on the top
Add a few natural maple boughs as legs (which you can cut (carefully) with a chop saw). Glue them in place AND hold them fast with a trim head screw or two through the topside of the table.
And that's pretty much it!

Just a simple idea I wanted to share…
And REMEMBER- THIS WEEKEND…. the debut of my new show, "Tiny House Builders" on HGTV…. Sunday, December 14th, at 1pm.


  1. Deek, Just watched the 'premiere peek' of the show, today (Sunday, Dec. 14th, 2014) and wanted to let you know I THOROUGHLY APPROVE! I've known you for your creativity and humor for almost a decade (when you were still a KID, in fact, and shared with me - that older, cartoon/comic sci-fi-fantasy artist lady - some of your first 'sketches' towards what would become your first book), and you have been a NATURAL in front of the camera for years... moving onto the 'bigger' screen was the next natural step for you.
    It was a real treat watching you on my TV - and not from my laptop or Kindle - and I had to keep PINCHING MYSELF for you! lol...
    You have always been friendly, skilled at speaking and instructing, and, above all, that creative spark that makes everyone watching go 'WOW, I can do THAT!' and 'I WANT to do that!'
    So now I get to say, again, 'Way to GO, Deek!' and , NOW, 'Kudos, Deek, and GOOD LUCK on the TV SHOW!'
    Love ya, sending BIG HUGS and BEST Christmas wishes to you and yours....
    - Shea Ryan (jipsi)

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