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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Deek's New $400 TREE HOUSE Office (plans in the works)- SUPER SIMPLE….

SIMPLICITY is the whole point of this one, much like my plan sets for "The Transforming A-frame", and "The Dart" (coming soon).

This video shows phase one of a very affordable project I'm currently working on. NO, its not a tiny house, although I'm sure we'll still get plenty of comments on fb saying "There's no bathroom, so its not a tiny house", even though I've gone so far as to state that clearly- lol.

This is just a simple, small cabin, or shed- something that could be used as a backyard office, play space,  guest sleeper, green house, mobile camper, OR….a simple tree house or tree house office….

The video pretty much explains it all….