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Monday, February 17, 2014

Teenagers BUILT THIS off-grid log cabin (tiny house) in the woods of Connecticut

I actually shot this little handheld video at the spur of the moment two years ago while visiting relatives in Connecticut. My two cousins, Neil and Kurt Malek, built this log cabin, all with hand tools, over a summer, when they were teenagers. Its basically a rustic, pioneer-style tiny house deep in the woods- where the duo, alongside a few friends, had to drag in any extraneous supplies they needed- including a  200+ pound Yotul wood stove.

While the video is lo-fi and hokey (shot on an old flip camera) I still wanted to chronicle this little log cabin in some way, and to make sure there was record of it before it became too damaged over the years.

As it stands now, its been left alone in the woods for almost 20 years now.