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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hanging/Presenting on Tiny Houses with Lloyd Kahn in Charlotte, NC

Here's a great/fun photo of Lloyd Kahn and I from today- from his blog (well worth a look)- 

So I've been hanging in Charlotte, NC with Lloyd Kahn (author of "Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter") the last 2-3 days, and having a great time hanging out at the Southern Shows Home and Garden Show- they really know how to put on a heck of an event. Some of the garden displays here are just incredible, the people are very friendly, the vineyards are sampling some great wine (Duplin Vinyards especially!- who proposed the possible idea of me building them a tree house down the road), and Lloyd and I have had fun talking to people about tiny houses, salvage-construction, and presenting together on stage. Its just an event loaded with great displays, talented people, and great presentations too- FOUR stages of them! I even bumped into a guy I know- Roy St. Clair from Tuftex and Ondura roofing, who is running a booth as well- Roy will be one of the speakers at our upcoming hands-on build workshop in Memphis, TN on April 11-13th.

I've also been taking a ton of videos, doing a few interviews with people as well- and I'll post them soon- alongside another mini-guest-video from Andrew Odom of  (not from the event)

Anyway, we were supposed to be displaying a new mini-cabin called "The Dart"- VERY TALL, easy to build, affordable (under $2000 in new materials) at the event, and it was supposed to be built for me by a crew and ready for our arrival to showcase for interviews and tv. Well, things didn't work out that way and we arrived to find the thing FAR from done, so after borrowing what tools we could, Lloyd and I have been doing double duty working on the structure the last two days.

It won't be done by the time I leave, but the event continues next week (and I believe its only $7.00 to get in- very reasonable) and a local carpentry crew will finish up some minor things for us. We are truckin' along though, and getting quite a bit done.

I'll update you all later on things, but I'm now off to walk around the area to look for some good pizza.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen