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Thursday, January 2, 2014

WIN a copy if Laura LaVoie's Tiny House Book!

Laura LaVoie, a busy member of the tiny house scene, recently released a book titled "120 Ideas For Tiny Living", and here's your chance to win a copy of the downloadable version…..

What I love about Laura is that she's choosing the simple life so as to be able to do things her way- from the freelance writing she does for various blogs, to her own blog on her tiny house experiences ( with her partner Matt), and even a blog on her other love- GOOD BEER!

Anyway, as for the book, just "like" us over at, if you haven't already, and simply list a favorite book or two of yours, on the subject of tiny housing, or small living. That's it- then we'll randomly pick from those who entered.

The way I figure it, even if you don't win, readers will still get a chance to hear of titles they might otherwise not have know of.


We'll pick the winner in three days from the initial post on Facebook….

AND FOR THOSE WHO ARE GRUMBLING TO THEMSELVES, "Blah, I never have any luck so what's the point anyway!?"- you can pick up Laura's book on as well- here's the link….


  1. Ummm...couldn't get the link to work so I'll just like you and say my book picks are: Homework by Lloyd Kahn and Hand-Sculpted House by Evans/Williams/Smiley! K��

  2. The link is not working for the contest.

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