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Thursday, January 2, 2014

THREE funky/weird tiny house/cabins going up for sale soon!

Above: A recycled-material tree house I just built for a client- if you missed the video tour….

Man, I just can't wait for spring here in New England, so I can get back into building, designing, completing a few projects….AND hosting our 2014, KICK-ASS HANDS-ON Tiny House Building And Design Workshop- 3 days, WITH Camping options, in Memphis, TN! 

Its gonna be nuts! AND I'll have the ticket info up soon…. the list of builders, authors, tv hosts, speakers, and designers that we're having as guest speakers is crazy AND you'll not only build and design two cabins, but you'll get to tour FIVE or so tiny houses! We'll build a rocket stove too, have a solar power demo, and the list goes on…..

If you want direct info once its out, email me at kidcedar at

It'll be April 11-13th….. and yes, there will be a side trip one night to Beale Street!

We're limiting this to about 25-30 people to, so as to keep it intimate and to give each person individual attention. ALL skill levels are welcome- even those who have NEVER built anything.
As for the designs….I've been wrapping up these cabins, which will be for sale soon….. many can double as art studios, tiny backyard guest sleepers or retreats, small yoga studios, reading rooms, or with a small added bathroom option, a seasonal little home for one even. You'd have to move 'em, and most shed moving companies can easily handle these with a flat bed truck.

ALL FUNDS will go back into designing new cabins, and shooting videos on them, for our educational "Tiny Yellow House" show/series on youtube. These CUSTOM designs are also very on par, price-wise, with the really lousy, particle-board, junk-sheds you'd get from a big chain store, but these ones are well built, and one of a kind.
Also, these can all be insulated VERY easily and affordably. And wired.

"THE PERISCOPE"- $4500- $500 extra for a bathroom annex off the back. This one will have a laddered sleep loft as well…. its a little over 12' tall. (Not complete in the photo)

THE RELAXSHACK- with a day bed/storage cabinets inside, and wall shelving- about 7' by 7', overhang CAN support a hanging chair too …. $2500
The front cedar deck piece comes with it too…

THE BREAD BOX- Musician's Hideout, Art Studio, Green House- 6' by 8'- 8' tall, tongue and groove flooring within, thick steel roof with a clear Tuftex combo, 36" glass door - $2000

These will all eventually be featured in my next book- a follow-up to "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks"- but VASTLY different in approach! 


  1. Do you think the Breadbox would be road worthy if secured to a trailer?
    Sort of thinking crazy.....but outside the breadbox...(I'm sorry..that was so bad..)

  2. What is the estimated price for the seminar?

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