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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Relax Shack Micro Cabin/Office- More Work Gettin' Done....

Owl print by Allyson Gutchel aka turddemon on ebay, and the larger piece, on wood, is by KEEMO
 Check out Allyson at and Keemo at

     Aside from shooting some video the other day on this little cabin- before then embarking on a weekend-long road trip with my brother Dustin- 12 cabins, 9 videos, 6 sites, 3 states, 2 days, 43 cups off coffee- I had a little time to work on a cabin we built during our last tiny house building and design workshop, one called "The Relax Shack". This small office's back wall used a scrap-wood technique I've dubbed a "wild wall", and aside for showcasing that, you can see the recycled deck-wood ceiling I've installed, and some funky art I've hung as well. Additionally, the chair is something I got at "Your Lucky Day" Thrift Shop in Randolph/Stoughton, MA- $5.00.

     As for the road trip and videos- they're coming soon! If you'd like to help us out, while also reaching a ton of people for your business, etc- let me know, we could always use a few small sponsors. Kidcedar at if you're down....

     Also, as this cabin isn't on my land, it will be for sale- with a large chunk of the proceeds going to charity. It'd make for a great reading room, backyard office, a forest retreat, kid's play space, craft room, or artists shack.

Above: The "New" ceiling, clad in old, free, deck boards....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. Loving the new ceiling and art! Can't wait to see the new videos and photos, too. Rock on, Deek!

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  2. This is amazing Deek! I love the design and style of the cabin not only that, the art gave colour to the interior. Kind of cool, it gave me another idea how to present my blog

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