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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Build Loft Stairs For Your Tiny House or Cabin THE EASY WAY

Here's a little trick I came up with years back- it just seemed to make sense, and work, for me. I've never heard of anyone else building stairs this way, so I figured I'd make a little video on the technique and share it with you guys. These are the kind of little "tricks of the trade" ideas that we'll be putting into action at our November 15-17th Tiny House Building and Design Workshop in Canton, MA. Don't worry, if you can't make it, I'll have more video tips on the way, but it'll only be a fraction of what I can more effectively cover, in person, at a hands-on workshop.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. Just noticing that when you tilt those rungs, the lowest rung's distance from the floor at the tip is no longer consistent with the distance between the others, and as a general rule, relying on fasteners, like nails or screws, to carry the load of a rung, is not generally considered safe. I understand the desire to make stairs easy, but measuring the centers of the rails and rungs is nearly as complicated as simply making stringers for most builders. To make it easy, I would take a rail, set it in place where I'm gonna need it, use a level to mark the cut on the bottom, then use the level and a tape to mark the rungs, then duplicate it and fasten it all together. Safer, quick, and actually pretty simple.

  2. I did mention the use of cleats, and a few other things you're mentioning here.... and this tip is for a galley-style/ladder-ish stair case, but yes, I agree with some of your points. I don't get into it in the video, but I've often notched out where each step meets the stringer, then fastened it. With good screws, and several of them, on sheer strength, I've never had a strength issue though. I do appreciate the info though Eric. Thanks!

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  4. Nice Post, i build some similar loft stairs and posted a video here
    for people who are better at following video than a article.