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Monday, September 23, 2013

Deek Diedricksen VIDEO tours the tiny home of Ella Jenkins in CA

Had a GREAT time out in the San Francisco, CA area a few weeks back. I was guest speaking (about salvaged-material construction and "Saving MUCH Money while building a Tumbleweed (or any tiny house)" and we had such a great group of people out there. I also got to see the Sonoma County Fair's Tiny House Town- a display of SEVEN tiny homes! I'll have photos soon!
    Anyway, here's a little video tour I shot of Ella Jenkins' place- a modified Tumbleweed Fencl- what a great little home, with LOTS of style and ingenuity- Ella is incredibly nice too.

If you want to learn tiny house construction, and actually build TWO tiny cabins with me- check out this upcoming workshop I have. Its limited to 20 students, so as to keep it intimate (approx. six students per instructor). We have some GREAT guests coming out to speak too, and again, we'll be building!

Derek "Deek" Diedricksen