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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Another "Tiny house" building technique- Drop Cutting and Line Trimming....

This simple technique, for those who don't know it, can be very time saving for building/siding just about any structure, whether it be a tiny house, tree house, kids fort, or shed.....

 Photo: Here's a pre-fabricated tree house office wall I'm working on- made from FREE, salvaged bead board wood- almost 100 years old! The windows you see in the background were found on the side of the road.... they're double paned sashes, that I later build frames for and fabricate into awning windows- very, very inexpensively.

     IT STARTS AS A MESS, but saves time by saving the circular saw cuts until all is laid out and fastened.... see below. If I were to miter cut EACH board before screwing it down, it'd take four times as long, and still might not be as uniform and neat in appearance. This method is FUN too, as you go from an uneven layout, to something almost immediately better looking in a matter of minutes! Just drop a chalk line from one end of the cut to the other, once you've sighted the board edge underneath (the 2by4s), and after setting your circular saw to a depth barely greater than the stock you're cutting, make your pass.

This is one of about 117 time and money saving tips (literally, I've been making a list) I'll be talking about and putting to use while we build TWO cabins, as a hands-on group, at my November 15-17th "Tiny House Building and Design Workshop". Gonna be fun! AND LOADED with information, demos, guest speakers, and actual building! Can't wait! 


The wall, after about 6 minutes of circular saw work, if that.

We have a few more guests, and guest builders to be announced soon too- even though this workshop is on course to sell out fast. We're only allowing 20 or so attendees so as to keep it intimate and to keep the instructor to student ratio at about one to ten or so....

You'll see SIX cabins at the workshop, AND the original Tumbleweed Tiny House- the first one that Jay Shafer built and lived in, back in 1999.

LOVE the calico look of the antique bead board from the inside. The exterior has since been treated/coated with an exterior grade stain to help it last longer. The exterior walls will also be protected by a very generous roof overhang.

THE SCRAPS- SAVE 'EM- you might need them for the peak of the next wall, or for some other project down the road....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


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