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Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Rainbow Cottages of Ellsworth, Maine- Funky!


 'Been CRAZY BUSY, and traveling, TOO MUCH, so I'll have those details on my October 19/20th (prob a third day too) workshop real soon, I promise! kidcedar at if interested.... 20 folks tops....HANDS-ON building, guest speakers, salvage demos, tiny house tours, and MO'! 
     ALSO, thanks to this week's sponsor - a new AWESOME tiny house compound, retreat, and educational center in Maryland- and one I'll have more KICK-BUTT blog photos on soon- Just you wait!!!

SAN FRAN Tiny House Trip photos coming soon too! -From my trip out there with the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. It was a GREAT time, with an incredible array of bloggers, designers, architects, and builders- such a good group of damn-bright minds. 

As for THESE photos, I had a shot of this on my facebook page- but here's a few more.....

   On my way to Acadia Maine I made the family roadster take a u-turn so I could hop out and shoot a few photos of these great looking little cabins/tiny houses at the Sunset Motel/Motor Lodge in Ellsworth, Maine. If you ever have the chance to take the ole Route 3 drive in northern Maine, it is LOADED with funky flea markets, antique shops, junk stores, and a slew of tiny homes and rental cottages.

MORE "tiny cabins of Maine" photos coming soon!

 The view from the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park- the highest point on the East Coast....

The little porch nook is so simple, yet so inviting and effective!

Some of these shots (and others I haven't posted) MAY end up in my in-the-works TINY HOUSE BOOK (my second, well, third, actually).


  1. There are a number of tiny houses all over Maine, typically in the form of a cabin or motel bungalow like the above- I think you can do a whole book on Maine tiny houses. I live in Maine during summers, and am constantly discovering new exmaples of tiny house living!


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