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Friday, August 16, 2013

Another Pre-fab "Modern Tree House" Wall Completed ($18)

 MORE info on my tiny house building workshop- one heavily involving construction techniques with free and salvaged materials- coming soon! kidcedar at if'll be a group limited to about 20 people....

 Above: I LOVE this free lot of spruce 1" by 6" planks I nabbed! Some of them even have a blue-ish hue- and no, its not mold....

I've been traveling lately, A LOT. I've been in Vermont twice, San Francisco, Maine, and Vancouver, BC all in the past month or two, and soon head to Boulder, CO and The Berkshires (MA)- and all because of tiny house, and design-related things. I can't complain though- EXCEPT for the fact that travel, teaching, blogging, and writing about tiny house and shelter building often cuts into my true love, ACTUALLY BUILDING them. 

For this reason, I've slowly been pecking away at a pre-fabricated tree house I'm building for a woman outside of Boston, MA. Its been a fun, and very free-form project- one that's HEAVILY relying on free and found materials too, which makes for some challenges (while also being rewarding in the endrun).

So, its not done, nor fancy, but here's a wall I built, for a grand total of about $18.

-FREE SPRUCE PLANKS (rich guy's house- he was about the toss them)
-FREE WINDOW (roadside)
-YARD SALE NAILS and SCREWS (a huge lot of them)
-SEVEN 2by3's- which are perfect for tree houses- strong, yet light.

I also came across this little wooden spool the other day, which just may become a mini table inside the tree house- painted some wild, bright, color, no doubt.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen