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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Domed Skylight or Wall Windows- A Cheaper Alternative For Sheds/Cabins

Trace, drill a pilot hole, insert your jigsaw blade for cutting, screw the window in place....DONE. 

Above: The door to my "All Eights" cabin made a little/lot more interesting, with a petpeek window....

Whether its for building sheds, cabins, or even forts, and bringing natural light into their interiors, here's a solution/product I really dig.....domed windows that are actually intended for pet fences, but work GREAT as funky, modern, circular windows. They're INCREDIBLY easy to install too. I've used a few of them in current projects that will eventually be followed with video tours....and they're sold by a small cottage-industry company out of the U.S.- at around $35 a pop.

You can find out more at

Little by little I'm adding to, and working on, this little guest cabin.....more recently, the teal flower box, domed window, and metal overhang on the side window (a scrap piece of metal from another project that was the perfect width) are all "new". I still have further plans for the interior, but I'm working on so many other things and don't feel a need to rush it- "Work on it when I feel like it" is my mantra, I suppose.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. I'd love to see the interior when it's done, along with a floor plan. You always come up with such nifty little places, Deek; sure hope you stay in business a long time!

  2. The skylight perth is often a wonderful roof covering aspect. In daytime it allows day light to light up money space and gives an attractive view of the celebs later in the day. When it is slightly opened, it's also just the thing for air flow, permitting cool oxygen inside of of course lowering liveable space temperature. Despite these kinds of wonderful benefits, the skylights perth could become explanation for a serious leak.

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  4. It does add a bit of attitude to the shed, and I like how you can use it like a peephole for doors. Plus you don’t have to wire an electric outlet there if you’re not planning to convert it to a workshed later on, so that’s a bit of work taken off your back.


  5. I have a cabin that was built without windows. I would like to have some sort of skylight window installed, so that I can look at the stars while I'm falling asleep. I really like the idea of having a domed skylight. It would most certainly make my cabin look cooler.

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