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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Modern Tree House/Tiny Stilt House in Tennessee

 Check out this cool stilt cabin I visited this past weekend- PERFECT for less-than-prime, steep, or marshy, land!
All photos taken by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen
 I JUST got back from teaching a Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop in Nashville, TN (what a GREAT TOWN!- and a GREAT class!), and not only had a chance to hang again with Joe Everson of, but with Will Yount from too.... both great, talented, guys and we'll have some more photos (and a video tour on Will's place) soonish.

ALSO, while down there, I had a chance to visit the Tennessee Tree House built and designed by a duo behind the super-cool blog DO check 'em out!

HERE are some photos I took, with a video tour to come. Again, for the four new MINI video tours we're releasing, we're looking for a sponsor or two (you'll reach MANY people in the video's intro, ad-wise) to help me cover the continual costs, travel, and such, that is related with even the simplest of these videos.... if interested- kidcedar at

 The treehouse is 8' by 8' (64 Square feet), and a little over 8' tall....with a simple, one-pitch roof.

We have a BRAND NEW video being posted REAL soon too- Steve Sauer's Place in Seattle, WA!

Again, MUCH more from my Tennessee tiny adventure is to come- keep checkin' back on the blog.

Also, for more updates, "LIKE" our new facebook group at

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  2. Great to meet you Deek! Glad you were able to come and visit our town..and trees!

  3. And our lovely rolling hills! Come back to visit us again soon. Tennessee and Tiny are naturals...

  4. This is kind of what I want to do since where I live it's floods and the most economical places to build are in the areas that flood. Typically it's not that bad, like a foot at most but still, stilts would make me feel better for that once in a century four foot flood. How sturdy is it with just four posts?

  5. 8 feet is a pretty short span for floor joists, so I'd imagine that with the proper floor construction 2"x8"x8'it would be rock solid. You'd want solid posts though, something like 6"x6" with nice deep concrete pilings (style etc. depending on soil etc.) if you're expecting any current during that 100 year flood. Here in Alberta, Canada, in the oil patch, they use steel helical pilings that get screwed deep into the swampy ground as a hedge against our 6' frost line in -40 weather.

  6. So, clearly not for the winter?

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