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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Modern Tree House/Tiny Stilt House in Tennessee

 Check out this cool stilt cabin I visited this past weekend- PERFECT for less-than-prime, steep, or marshy, land!
All photos taken by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen
 I JUST got back from teaching a Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop in Nashville, TN (what a GREAT TOWN!- and a GREAT class!), and not only had a chance to hang again with Joe Everson of, but with Will Yount from too.... both great, talented, guys and we'll have some more photos (and a video tour on Will's place) soonish.

ALSO, while down there, I had a chance to visit the Tennessee Tree House built and designed by a duo behind the super-cool blog DO check 'em out!

HERE are some photos I took, with a video tour to come. Again, for the four new MINI video tours we're releasing, we're looking for a sponsor or two (you'll reach MANY people in the video's intro, ad-wise) to help me cover the continual costs, travel, and such, that is related with even the simplest of these videos.... if interested- kidcedar at

 The treehouse is 8' by 8' (64 Square feet), and a little over 8' tall....with a simple, one-pitch roof.

We have a BRAND NEW video being posted REAL soon too- Steve Sauer's Place in Seattle, WA!

Again, MUCH more from my Tennessee tiny adventure is to come- keep checkin' back on the blog.

Also, for more updates, "LIKE" our new facebook group at

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