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Monday, April 1, 2013

"Funkadelic" Coffee Table (with storage) made from trash and pallets

Finally, some good weather! Well, weather in the low 50s, which 'round Boston is "t-shirt weather". 
I used this opportunity over the last few days to:
-Start cutting and installing metal roofing on my tiny cabin/house of wheels "The Light Box"
-Begin some shed cleaning and downsizing (finding some materials along the way that I forgot I had!).
-Build a mock-up real-size end frame for my in-the-works A-Frame Cabin Plans
-and build THIS recycled material coffee table.

 I might shoot a simple video on this project soon, but basically, its a mess of recycled wood and pallet boards, atop a free aircraft shipping container (I get these from a friend all the time), trimmed out with some rip scraps I had, and it stands on pipe fitting legs (the only things I paid for, aside from the paint that I already had in stock). The legs were almost $20, but I loved the look so much that I decided to take the hit- you could easily add cheaper, or free, wooden legs, of course.  

What I love about the top of the table (which comes off to reveal a large storage area) is that it could also potentially be hung as an art piece as well. 

I'm going to eventually sell this after I use it in a shoot for a cabin I'm building (for my "Tiny Yellow House" youtube show).