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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

An Art Shack/Hut (France)- from Spray Architecture


I know, I know, the comments are going to be "but without a bathroom, its just a shed", and yes, this structure would be extremely hot in the sun, no doubt about it, but try to look past that. This micro structure is art and shelter combined into one, a graffiti-laden sun shack, a tiered art studio even, and if this one isn't so much your thing, try to still take some ideas from this and run with it- that's all I'm trying to bring to the table with some of these more bizarre micro huts I choose to feature. Nuthin' more....

This is not a "tiny house" or home in the traditional sense, but it could make for a really cool (in the shade of a tree) seasonal vacation cabin (with some curtains preferably), and as with most tiny sheds, follies, and backyard studios, a bathroom and micro-kitchen, or food prep area, could easily be installed.

Spray Architecture designed and built this particular cabin in 2012. Its 14 square meters in size.

The tiered approach of this building is interesting in that it divides the living space into different regions, but without segmenting the space with actual walls.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen