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Monday, April 8, 2013

A Gorgeous Rustic Micro Cabin/Tiny House in Northern Ontario....

      Workin' on a new book still...slowly but surely. It'll be one ENTIRELY different from my other tiny/micro-structures book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks", but same subject matter- with a few surprises though! Here's on cabin I came across that I hope to include somewhere.....

 I just love the rustic, clean, simple, and relaxing look of this place. From the photos I've been able to locate, it doesn't appear to have an interior bathroom, but like many other seasonal camps, I'd assume it has a nearby outbuilding/outhouse for such purposes- which would be no problem by me (well, in the SUMMER in Ontario). Anyway, its a great little place, AND the flooring is made from free and recycled (and sanded down) forklift pallet wood! (A post on how to identify safe-to-use pallets is coming up soon!)

                                                Photos from
-Derek "Deek"Diedricksen


  1. What a great little cabin. I'm looking for something to make in my backyard as a guest/studio cabin. Do you know how much it cost to build this total even using the recycled pallet wood?

    1. I don't know with this particular build/cabin, but with recycled materials, some log slab siding, and recycled doors/windows, you could easily build a cabin/tiny house like the one here for $1000 or under.....

  2. Awesome little "relax shack".

  3. This is a great find Deek!

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  5. Nice cabin, I love the exterior siding! What can you tell me about it Deek?

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