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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Recycled Junk Project: A Forklift Pallet SUPER-FORT!

     Here's a few shots of an "Almost finished" playhouse/fort/clubhouse that I built our of SCRAPS and CRAP wood (lots of cast off pieces from a mill and FREE pallet wood) for my kids. The swing set/playground itself was FREE as well. I drove to a woman's house, after seeing her craigslist ad, and took the entire set apart and loaded it into my 4' by 8' trailer- a savings of over $1500.00. Later, after bringing it home, I re-set it up in about three hours, then stained it with a new coat of "cedar red".

To anyone considering getting a small utility trailer, DO IT- it'll pay for itself ten times over in the first year or two alone!

    And yes, back on the cabin/fort/playhouse my neighbors are very supportive/tolerant of my endeavors- in fact, they often donate many supplies and items they've found, or are getting rid of, towards my builds. One neighbor always makes it a point to help and attend all the backyard workshops I hold as well, and even lets attendees camp in his lot- I'm lucky to share lot lines with such good, and laid back, people....

As simple as this is, building it was somewhat of a challenge, as I had to deal with limited lengths of wood, and wood that was, well, trash by most "normal standards"- pallet wood (heat treated- its safe), and mill extras (pseudo log siding) composed most of the materials. The strapping/trim (a cheap alternative even if bought brand new) was all from a pile of project leftovers I had saved too. 

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Tons of Recycled Material Building Ideas are in my book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks"- and I also recommend these other books too- esp. if you have young kids and want to get some project ideas.