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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A tiny, tiny, tiny house on wheels- Built at Deek's MA Workshop

Thanks to all who have "liked" our new Facebook Tiny House, Cabin, and DIY group/page! We're just around the 3000 mark already! 
Its not finished, but I'm getting there...

 Here's a little update on what we built at my Tiny House Building Workshop last November in Massachusetts....a tiny, tiny cabin/house on a trailer/wheels. The interior isn't done, but I'll post more photos as things progress....and yes, we'll probably have another backyard/campout weekend- tba.
   Spring is finally in full effect here in New England and I've really been getting a lot done, by way of carpentry, outdoors again (Lovin' it!)- singlehandedly moving this trailer house up a slight incline, and without a vehicle was one of those tasks. I only moved it about 25 feet or so, but it took a bit of time and patience- all with a simple $30 "come-along" (winch) from Harbor Freight. It worked well.

Ever wonder how someone backs the hitch end of a trailer/travel trailer against a wall, or into a tight spot where a vehicle would otherwise end up stuck? Well, that's one of the ways.....

Today, I'm putting the ridge cap on, among other things....

The house in the background is built into a hill, and not as huge as it looks- its around 1000 square feet for a family or four. What you see is the downhill side of part of the basement.

This little house, for those who haven't yet seen the video (also below) is a mere 5.5' wide, 8' long, and a little over 11' tall. While its on a trailer, it really isn't intended for road travel, but was built on wheels to utilize a building code loophole- "its a moveable, non-permanent structure". When finished, it will have a tiny loft, and perhaps even a tiny little bathroom- a little fold down table area and shelves for food cooking and prep as well.

The door was bought second-hand- very inexpensively, and ALL the windows were FREE- found on the side of the road. The trailer was bought used as well- $300. The metal roofing- leftovers I purchased from a woman on craigslist- a HUGE load for $200 (probably sixteen 9-10' heavy gauge, galvanized sheets)- I have used these for other projects, and still have some left over. Total cost on this project is probably somewhere in the ballpark of $2000.00

Oh yeah, the entire deck was not only FREE, but I made money on it in a old boss hired me to take his deck down and apart for $200- and let me keep EVERYTHING. The deck was only 10 years old. I've used this wood for many projects as well. The deck also serves as a nice work surface, and level building platform during our workshops.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

My Book- on Tiny Shelter Designs/DIY/Recycled material building...



  1. Deek,
    I came across 18 plus old washing machine doors with their thick round windows still in good shape. They are in Mpls MN. are you interested? (I know you've used them in the past.

    1. Awesome. In Minnesota though? How would I get them here?

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