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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A tiny, tiny, tiny house on wheels- Built at Deek's MA Workshop

Thanks to all who have "liked" our new Facebook Tiny House, Cabin, and DIY group/page! We're just around the 3000 mark already! 
Its not finished, but I'm getting there...

 Here's a little update on what we built at my Tiny House Building Workshop last November in Massachusetts....a tiny, tiny cabin/house on a trailer/wheels. The interior isn't done, but I'll post more photos as things progress....and yes, we'll probably have another backyard/campout weekend- tba.
   Spring is finally in full effect here in New England and I've really been getting a lot done, by way of carpentry, outdoors again (Lovin' it!)- singlehandedly moving this trailer house up a slight incline, and without a vehicle was one of those tasks. I only moved it about 25 feet or so, but it took a bit of time and patience- all with a simple $30 "come-along" (winch) from Harbor Freight. It worked well.

Ever wonder how someone backs the hitch end of a trailer/travel trailer against a wall, or into a tight spot where a vehicle would otherwise end up stuck? Well, that's one of the ways.....

Today, I'm putting the ridge cap on, among other things....

The house in the background is built into a hill, and not as huge as it looks- its around 1000 square feet for a family or four. What you see is the downhill side of part of the basement.

This little house, for those who haven't yet seen the video (also below) is a mere 5.5' wide, 8' long, and a little over 11' tall. While its on a trailer, it really isn't intended for road travel, but was built on wheels to utilize a building code loophole- "its a moveable, non-permanent structure". When finished, it will have a tiny loft, and perhaps even a tiny little bathroom- a little fold down table area and shelves for food cooking and prep as well.

The door was bought second-hand- very inexpensively, and ALL the windows were FREE- found on the side of the road. The trailer was bought used as well- $300. The metal roofing- leftovers I purchased from a woman on craigslist- a HUGE load for $200 (probably sixteen 9-10' heavy gauge, galvanized sheets)- I have used these for other projects, and still have some left over. Total cost on this project is probably somewhere in the ballpark of $2000.00

Oh yeah, the entire deck was not only FREE, but I made money on it in a old boss hired me to take his deck down and apart for $200- and let me keep EVERYTHING. The deck was only 10 years old. I've used this wood for many projects as well. The deck also serves as a nice work surface, and level building platform during our workshops.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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