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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cheap/Free n' Funky Decor For Your Home- Part 2- SEVEN EXCEPTIONAL PALLET PROJECTS

We've messed with side projects before at our tiny house building workshops (divided and rotated groups to work on the house itself, its deck, and its interior elements), so you never know what we might get to on April 26th-28th in Wilmington, NC- if you haven't seen our speaker and demo roster yet (Holy Schnikies!), look into it!....Anyway, here are SEVEN GREAT PALLET PROJECTS FOR YOUR HOME! 
Forklift Pallets, Shipping or Freight Pallets, whatever you want to call them, they are EVERYWHERE, so naturally, there must be a few things you can make with these free wood structures, right? Heck yes.

There are probably, literally, about a thousand variations of things and projects that pallets and pallet wood can be used for, and we've covered the subject MANY times here on, but here are a few more, very creative uses I've found. These photos have been emailed in by readers over the last year or so (thank you!) and I feel they are exceptional examples of creativity.

When it comes to home building and interior decoration, some of these ideas could very well save you quite a bit of money, so if you see something you like, file it away in the back of your mind for later.

 Utility Shelves- Its just the ends chopped of a pallet, and the "end-end" capped (to form the bottom of the shelf. This is as simple as it gets. Sand them down, and paint them to work with a room, if need be.
 This would look GREAT in a shipping container home, although its an IMMENSE amount of work to do this. The blue boards accent things nicely, and you can always pre-stain some pallets before you install them if you want to go for a certain calico or colorful look.
 Here's a garden tool storage unit made from a pallet- you don't even have to alter or cut it at all!
 Another pallet, untouched, and simple mounted on the wall....
 A forklift pallet tree house- since pallet wood usually comes in lengths around 4', you have to be creative, and patient, with a project like this.
 More simplicity. This would work very well in a loft style/industrial apartment, or in an art gallery or store- the price is right too!
 This idea is not only affordable, but artsy n' classy in its own way. It would work well in a kids room too!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen